I am currently on the faculty of the New England Conservatory preparatory school, SCE and Jazz Lab and faculty at the Berklee College of Music guitar week (2010)

I am available for private lessons, group coaching, clinics in person or through Skype. My Skype address is james.stewardson1. You can also reach me through email: jbstew@rcn.com

Here are some student reviews of my teaching:

Sean Britt (Brubeck Institute)
Studying with Jamie was a fantastic experience! In our lessons, he not only helped me to prepare for music school auditions, but ultimately for studying music at the college level. His approach to teaching the jazz repertoire, harmony, and vocabulary provided me with a wealth of musical information that continues to help me in my playing today. Not to mention, he has a very friendly attitude toward his students that helps to affirm, encourage and motivate. I’d recommend Jamie to any student looking to get serious about jazz guitar.

Kevin Scollins (Berklee College of Music)
I recently studied jazz guitar with Jamie at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School where he is a member of the faculty. I spent two years with Jamie taking lessons and one year in an ensemble that he directed. Jamie’s knowledge of the guitar and music in general is vast. We covered concepts from basic technique to superimposing upper structure triads over complex chords. In his ensemble he would always bring in tunes that stretched everyone’s ability and made our ensemble unique from the others by creating arrangements and sometimes playing in odd time signatures. While I was studying with Jamie, I was also in the process of applying to music schools. Jamie was crucial to my success putting together prescreening recordings and getting ready for auditions. He really kept me on top of the ball with the college application process. If you are looking for an outstanding teacher who will keep you growing musically, study with Jamie!

Jeremy Bernstein (Berklee College of Music)
Jamie Stewardson helped teach me guitar, as well as jazz, taking me from a true novice to an experienced musician. Focusing on imperative aspects of music, such as tone, time, technique, rhythm and melody, Jamie not only taught me how to play music, but also how to listen to music. He helped me be a competent musician by myself, as well as an ensemble player. I owe much of my musical abilities to Jamie and would recommend him to any guitar student hoping to work on jazz or any improvisational form of music.